Philadelphia Reserve Supply Company (PRSCO) is a purchasing cooperative owned by building material dealers throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

PRSCO facilitates direct order shipments from various suppliers and operates a 100,000 SF distribution warehouse. Our warehouse inventory includes drywall, insulation, treated lumber, plywood, and many other products used in new construction and remodeling.

PRSCO truck

Our Mission

The mission of PRSCO is to provide our members:

  • Collective purchasing power
  • Dedicated warehouse distribution
  • Year-end patronage dividend and guaranteed rebates
  • Rebate and fee transparency

What is a Reserve Supply?

A Reserve Supply Company is wholly and equally owned by a group of common stockholders. It functions as a wholesale distributor and maintains a central warehouse, which is one of the major differences between a Buying Group and a Reserve Supply Company. A stockholder of a Reserve Supply can earn dividends on their common stock when they purchase from the Reserve.

Discover the Power of Co-operation!

At our cooperative, we’re more than just individual entities – we’re a united force driving the building materials industry forward. By pooling resources, sharing expertise, and collaborating seamlessly, we create a stronger, more sustainable future for all involved.

What We Offer

  • An ownership position in a company dedicated to your success
  • Collective purchasing power
  • Patronage dividend rebates
  • Guaranteed rebate programs
  • Prime Supplier programs with 0% markup on direct shipments
  • Seasonal buying promotions
  • A local distribution warehouse
  • Dedicated delivery fleet
  • Stocking dealer programs with low fill-in pricing from our warehouse
  • Free warehouse delivery with low order minimums
  • Experienced purchasing and sales teams
  • Rebate and fee transparency


PRSCO was founded in 1930 by a group of Philadelphia Area building material dealers. Their mission was to pool their purchasing power so they could acquire products at a lower cost and distribute them in smaller quantities amongst its members. All net profits were rebated back to each member in the form of a patronage dividend. PRSCO still operates that way to this day!

1930 - 23rd & Cherry Streets, Philadelphia, PA


23rd & Cherry Streets
Philadelphia, PA
1945 - F & Luzerne Streets, Philadelphia, PA


F & Luzerne Streets
Philadelphia, PA
1967 - 744 Walnut Avenue, Andalusia, PA


744 Walnut Avenue
Andalusia, PA
1975 - 200 Mack Drive, Croydon, PA


200 Mack Drive
Croydon, PA
Current Executive Team


Current Executive Team
2021-24 - Added Pole Buildings, 200 Mack Drive


Added Pole Buildings
200 Mack Drive
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