Philadelphia Reserve Supply Company (PRSCO) is a purchasing co-operative owned by building material dealers throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

What is a Reserve Supply?

A Reserve Supply Company is wholly and equally owned by a group of common stockholders. It functions as a wholesale distributor and maintains a central warehouse, which is one of the major differences between a Buying Group and a Reserve Supply Company.

PRSCO facilitates direct order shipments from various suppliers and operates an 100,000 SF distribution warehouse. Our warehouse inventory includes drywall, insulation, treated lumber, plywood, and many other products used in new construction and remodeling.


PRSCO’s warehouse and direct ship partners are ready to supply your business with the building materials you need. We offer free warehouse deliveries as well as Guaranteed Rebates on qualifying direct shipments. See our warehouse inventory line card and list of direct ship suppliers.


Learn how to become a member of our co-operative. To be eligible, your company must be a retailer of building materials.

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