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​Who We Are:


Philadelphia Reserve Supply Company (PRSCO) is a purchasing cooperative for independent lumber and building materials dealers. PRSCO also functions as a wholesale distributor, providing warehousing and delivery services to its customers. Our products include drywall, insulation, roofing, treated lumber, plywood, lumber, sheathings and any products used in new construction or remodeling.                                                                                               


PRSCO is wholly and equally owned by Independent Lumber and Building Material Dealers in the Mid-Atlantic region. Being a Reserve Supply Company, PRSCO functions as a wholesale distributor, maintaining a central warehouses for pick up service and providing delivery service to all its dealers. PRSCO also facilitates direct order shipments from various manufacturers to our dealers in railcar, truckload or skid lots, just like other Buying Groups. PRSCO will also sell material to non-stockholding, Independent Lumber and Building Material Dealers in the Mid-Atlantic region.




PRSCO was founded in 1930 by local dealers wanting to form their own wholesale distribution center. The purpose of this new entity was to collectively pool their purchasing power in order to buy material at the lowest available price. Furthermore, all "net" profits of this entity would be rebated back to each owner in the form of patronage dividend. 


Reserve Supply Origins:   


What has come to be known as the "Reserve Supply " was originated with the organization of the first Reserve Supply Company in Minneapolis in 1926. This Company was a marked success and became the pattern for the organization of many other Reserve Supply Companies throughout the country.


A Company operating on this plan is wholly and equally owned by a group of common Stockholders. The company functions as a wholesale distributor, maintaining a central warehouse. This is one of the major differences between a Buying Group and a "Reserve Supply Company." A stockholder; therefore, can earn dividends on common stock only if he purchases from the company.




The mission of Philadelphia Reserve Supply Company is to develop business partnerships based on commitment and ownership to our Stockholders. We must provide competitive "upfront" pricing and quality services that will distinguish PRSCO from its competition.

PRSCO also interprets its Mission as providing purchasing power and marketing to assist our Stockholders in competing and surviving against the mass merchandisers.

The organization seeks to make an important contribution to our owners success in the housing & construction industry. This contribution is attained directly through purchasing, sales, marketing, service and financial activities and indirectly through product knowledge, professionalism and relationships.

Philadelphia Reserve Supply Company circa 1930